Monday, October 17

I've been plodding along with my project.. feeling a little all over the place with it.  I've got so many ideas swimming around and no direction to put them in.  I've landed on domestic animals as my theme, as animals in general was just too broad a subject matter, and my reference points were coming from all over the place. I was juggling for a while between that and farm animals, but my love of dogs won the side of domestic animals. (If you like them too I often post pictures of dogs on my Tumblr)  So above is a drawing of a rabbit (obviously) from my sketchbook.  I want to create anthropomorphic characters and possibly giving them narrative and connections.. but I don't know. Like I said my ideas are all over the place.

Anyway, in other news I found this in a sketchbook from last Summer.. it's kind of relevant to my work now and I like it. So here you go.

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