Thursday, August 9

Tuesday, February 21

Double Dogs

I've been trying to draw people, trying really hard but they always end up looking ridiculous. So here I am, firmly back in my dog shaped comfort zone.  I'm really happy with this drawing, actually achieved some depth.

Tuesday, February 14

Feeling a little lost

Coming to the end of my dog project has left me quite lost.  I have been told that I need to broaden my theme so I'm not known as, "That girl who draws the dogs." I agree with this and I'm excited about drawing some new things but now I'm back to my ideas being all over the place.  The theme of dogs kept me focused and now I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to draw, because I just don't know what to draw.

Hopefully this won't last long and I can get back into the flow.  Above is a drawing that I've done to try and find a new direction. 

Click on it for a better quality version.

Friday, January 27


I have a problem with sketchbooks, I buy one with the best intentions and end up hating everything in it, so I start another. Its a vicious cycle.  I think I handed in three for my assessment, all only a quarter full.

This drawing is from my new sketchbook, started with the best of intentions.